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The Advanced Ecological Knowledge and Observation System (ÆKOS) is being built by the Eco-informatics Facility. Unlike other TERN facilities, Eco‐informatics does not collect data to answer specific science questions; it allows users to discover, access and download existing data needed to answer their questions with confidence.

The ÆKOS system (Fig. 1) is data infrastructure that brings systematic ecological data together from across the nation and provides this through a single point of access. The system will consist of a fit-for-purpose repository, a sophisticated data portal, a researcher data submission tool, and enables forwarding of information to the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

As part of development, a national framework for ecological data is being formulated, using our understanding of significant ecological datasets from major data custodians (e.g. State/Territory agencies). The framework will also support key facilities of TERN such as AusPlots.

Figure 1. The ÆKOS system. Data from existing State / Territory databases and TERN facilities are ingested into the Repository by the Eco-informatics data analysts; researchers can submit their own datasets through the Data Submission Tool; scientists can access integrated datasets through the Data Portal; and data collaborators receive updates through a range of web services.

ÆKOS and national repositories

The ÆKOS system fills the current gap for a national data repository that targets ‘plot-based’ ecological data.