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Access thousands of high quality, well-described individual plot or site data.


The Advanced Ecological and Knowledge Observation System (ÆKOS) Data Portal is a data and ‘research methods’ knowledge base of Australia’s land-dwelling plants, animals and their environments. It was built to meet the needs of the ecosystem science, tertiary education and natural resource management sectors.

There are currently about 25,000 records on plants and associated environmental data. There will be regular updates to the Portal over the coming months with offers of more vegetation databases and our first offer of fauna databases as indicated in the table.


Users can find, view, explore and download source ecological “plot” data in unprecedented detail never experienced previously. You can access data by survey or study location for each visit with the knowledge necessary for considering its appropriateness for reuse. You can also view the study locations on the Map Browser. The data has been collected by researchers to answer scientific questions or identify environmental solutions so it has been systematically sampled using such techniques as quadrats, transects, animal trapping arrays and other scientific methods.

Release 1.0 has been developed for desktop monitors and laptops with support for tablets and mobiles to follow. More features are to follow for the Map Browser too so visit the Data Portal regularly over the next few months

Our Portal offers you integrated ecological data in one place so you can work more efficiently.


Free public access is made possible by TERN’s Eco-informatics Facility through generous lead support from our sponsors and data partners.


Help on these features and more at our Help Centre.


We welcome all kinds of helpful feedback and encourage you to visit our Feedback Centre. Here you will find a user experience survey to complete and other tools to lodge a data query or report a portal issue such as errors.