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You can find ÆKOS news releases, presentations, publications and upcoming events in this section.

ÆKOS’sThe Eco-informatics Facility’s communications objectives are:

    1.     Actively facilitate the development of long-term collaborative data partnerships with data providers of State/Territory
            agencies and other stakeholders in carrying out the development, implementation and on-going use of the ÆKOS
    2.     Engage with all data partners through the Data Providers Reference Group to share contextual knowledge about
            datasets, gain open access to ecological and reference data, and to adopt newly developed data models and
            technologies of the ÆKOS system;
    3.     Actively secure the rights of data providers and researchers contributing to the ÆKOS repository through an AusGoal-like
            licensing framework;
    4.     Engage all researchers and actively encourage them to adopt standards and methodologies for management of
            ecological data;
    5.     Actively ensure that the uniqueness of the ÆKOS system complements the core business of our peers;
    6.     Actively engage with TERN Multi Scale Plot Network to establish and embed the ÆKOS system for terrestrial ecosystem
            collaboration, research and management;
    7.     Engage with all partners and possible champions and investors to develop strategies for maintenance of long-term
            research planning and infrastructure; and
    8.     Raise awareness across all ecological data users about this initiative, and its benefits and products.