Reference Groups

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Reference groups are an integral part of Eco-informatics. They are intended to provide technical advice, offer support and sponsorship, and bring their personal and jurisdictional knowledge and experience to the group. Membership is restricted to ensure a manageable size for each group, and is by invitation.

Data Custodians Reference Group

The term ‘data custodian’ refers to a range of state, territory and commonwealth agencies and other key organisations who are concerned with the management and delivery of significant ecological data sets. Representatives from data custodians are generally data managers and ecologists that curate ecological data sets, as well as mid-level biodiversity policy managers and scientists.

The Data Custodians Reference Group is integral to the development of ÆKOS. Members facilitate communications, assist with data provision, and enable Eco-informatics to understand and integrate ecological knowledge into ÆKOS. Members play a key role in informing licence frameworks and provide ‘real world’ feedback on releases of the ÆKOS system.

Data Users Reference Group

The term ‘data user’ refers to anyone using the ÆKOS portal to access or ÆKOS data submission tool to submit ecological data. Data users will generally be from the ecosystem sciences, NRM planning and environmental industries but anyone with an interest in ecological data is encouraged to utilise the portal and the data submission tool.

The Data Users Reference Group is a focus group of data users who help shape the look, feel, and functionality of the ÆKOS system.